SummerSalt is a high energy summer youth camp.
We had the best week ever last year and this year will be even better! It is a camp that is designed to grasp and captivate the next generation with the Gospel.

If you paid the deposit before February 6th your total is: $195. Otherwise the deposit is $75.00 and the total cost for the Camp is $255.00. Please email if you have any questions!

Our goal is to provide assistance to those who are prevented, because of financial hardship, to attend Summersalt 2020. It is our desire that no student misses out on a Summer Camp experience because of financial circumstances.
If your student needs a scholarship please visit the link to fill out the Scholarship form.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. My student will be a 6th grader next school year, can they go to SummerSalt?
No. SummerSalt is a camp for students that are rising 7th Graders to Seniors in High School. Students who are rising 6th graders are still able to participate in KidSalt this summer.
2. My student just graduated High School, can they go to SummerSalt?
Yes! SummerSalt is an opportunity for our Seniors to be challenged to be leaders wherever they go after High School. 
3. How much money does my student need to bring?
SummerSalt counts with various spending opportunities. The merch store has different things from stickers, hoodies, t-shirts and much more. There’s is also a snack area where students can purchase different types of foods and drinks and there’s also everyone’s favorite place “The Hub”! Where you can purchase coffee, fries, ice cream and everyone’s favorite item MILKSHAKES! The Hub opens 2-3 times per day with an average of $5 needed to get something from the hub. The merch can go anywhere from $2-$25.
4. I haven’t received my packet yet, when will I get it?
You can expect to receive your Summersalt packet sometime during the month of April. If it’s past April and you still haven’t received your packet please contact Luis Sanchez ASAP.
5. I have more questions, who can I contact?
As we get closer to camp more questions will be added to this faq section. If you need any help or have a question that isn’t found here please send an email to Luis Sanchez at