Worship is at the center of all we do at Palmetto Shores. Those who serve on our worship teams invest their time and gifts in order to enable others to experience worship in a real way. There are many ways to serve in worship including singing, playing an instrument or helping out with technical and media. For those who have an interest and a heart to be part of the worship ministry we welcome your exploring that possibility with us.
Weekend Worship
At the start of each service we have a time of worship. During this time we dim our lights and allow those who want to express their praise and love for God in song to do so in the way and posture they feel most comfortable. For some people that is sitting in quiet contemplation for others it is standing and singing. It is our desire that the times of worship you experience at Palmetto Shores would bring you closer to the presence of God.
Worship Team
We are always interested in adding people to our worship teams. If you can sing or play an instrument, we would love to talk with you about using your talents during our service where worship music is played. Whether you sing, play guitar or have the rhythm of a drummer we can find a place for you!
Technical Teams
As with our worship teams we are always looking for volunteers who have technical experience in sound engineering and multimedia. These sound and media teams support our services, classes and speakers with quality sound and media which makes for an engaging and professional environment.

Check out our Spotify Playlist where we include some of our favorite songs to Worship with!